Elvis Gospel Concerts

Justin Pryor has been blanketing churches in the Carolinas with his Elvis Gospel concerts.  His booming Elvis like voice has prompted many comparisons to the late Elvis Presley.   Justin takes his message to churches and other functions.  His Elvis Gospel concerts, with modest advertising, usually draw large crowds of visitors.  This makes it a great way for a church to connect to residents of their community, or re-connect with errant church members.  Some churches experience up to 60% of the congregation as visitors.  There is still a huge Elvis fan base and many of those people with come out to see and hear anything Elvis.


The concept of this ministry is to reach people who might not otherwise be willing to come to church or listen to a sermon. The purpose is not to glorify Elvis Presley but to use his music to share the message of Christ. Someone may walk through the church doors simply because they are a fan of Elvis and his music, but it gives me an opportunity to share with them a little about the spiritual side of Elvis.  My performance will hopefully not just be entertainment,  but also make listeners want to learn more about the Gospel.  Visitors may feel comfortable enough to return to the church where the pastor and others will have the opportunity to teach them more about Christ.

 Although most people have been supportive, I realize some will not approve of what I am doing.  Some say Elvis led an immoral lifestyle and should not be spoken of positively from the pulpit.  Elvis certainly was not perfect.  He was flawed as we all are.  However, unlike us, Elvis’s shortcomings were broadcast to the whole world.  It is easy for critics to point out Elvis’s failings, but it is unlikely that any of us will ever know the temptations Elvis had to face.  No one can be sure how well they would have stayed on the straight and narrow path if they had to walk in Elvis’s shoes, so we need to be careful about passing judgment.

 The Old Testament reveals that even David sometimes strayed from God.  During those times, he committed some terrible sins.  Yet, the Bible also tells us that David was beloved by God. Despite his flaws, God was still able to use him to do great things.  Likewise, even though Elvis Presley may have sometimes stumbled in his spiritual journey, I believe that God can still use these great gospel songs and hymns as sung by Elvis to reach people.

 Justin Pryor



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