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Born and raised in Rock Hill, South Carolina, I am presently a twenty-three year old recent graduate of the University of South Carolina (Go Gamecocks!).  I love to sing and I would love to make a career of singing, but I realize it is very difficult to accomplish such a feat.  It requires more than just talent.  You have to hope you have the right look and a good stage presence. You also have to hope that you are fortunate enough to be in the right place at the right time, and make the right connections with the right people.  Therefore, it is wise to have a back-up plan.  That is why it was very important for me to get a college education.

 My love of music began when I was a small boy.  I distinctly remember one fateful day when I was spinning the car radio dial and accidentally discovered Elvis Presley.  That moment changed my life.  I became fascinated with Elvis and his music.  As my love of music and singing grew, Elvis was a very strong influence on me.  As time passed, I also grew to appreciate other artists of the same era – Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Bobby Darin, Johnny Cash, Ray Charles and more. They have all influenced me. As I grew older, I sang wherever I could – talent shows, festivals, weddings and more.  I have appeared on local television several times and have been invited to sing all over the South – from Charleston, South Carolina to Arlington, Texas.

While I love to sing his music, I realize there can be only one Elvis Presley.  Therefore, I have tried to develop my own style.  While I do not consider myself an Elvis impersonator, his influence on me is evident.  However, if you listen carefully, at times you may hear a trace of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin or Michael Buble’.

If you are planning a wedding, class reunion, city festival or any other special event in the Carolinas where my style of music would be appropriate, I would love to come sing for you.  Since graduation, I have also been singing gospel music (in the style of Elvis) for church events and worship services. However, I approach singing gospel music with a different attitude than I do singing secular music.  I consider it less of a performance and more of an opportunity to communicate the Gospel of Christ to someone who may not otherwise be receptive to it.

Note: Since Justin graduated from the University of South Carolina with a degree in Broadcast Journalism, he is a highly trained broadcast specialist.  This means that his particular talents and training make him ideal to serve as a "Master of Ceremony" for any event with the ability to provide quality entertainment, all rolled into one.  Justin is "cool under pressure" and can roll with the punches in most any situation.  He makes a great host for Conferences, Award Nights, Fashion Shows, Car Club Rallies, Sales Events, Beauty Contest, Talent Shows, Grand Openings, and all manner of church events.  He is very camera friendly, even with multi-camera productions and has an easy, likable and natural way with the audience.

You can view me and find more information at  To schedule an “Elvis Gospel” concert, please call Terry Harris at 864-489-8050 or 864-491-0104

Introduction (Suggestion)

Today we have with us, Justin Pryor of Rock Hill SC.  Justin has been traveling all over the Carolinas doing his Elvis Gospel Program.  Justin began singing at an early age and has been inspired and influenced by Elvis and others.  He recently graduated from the University of South Carolina with a degree in broadcast journalism and he has been teaching school in Rock Hill.  Justin reminds us " I am not trying to BE Elvis but I just think he did lots of good music that is still treasured my many still today.  I also think that the music that Elvis loved the most, Gospel Music still has the power to change peoples lives." 

 Justin has received rave reviews but you just sit back and decide for yourself.  Let's welcome Justin Pryor! 

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